11 Essential Blog Post Ingredients

Imagine this. A person walks into a kitchen deciding to bake a cake. He starts choosing ingredients from the pantry he thinks make up a cake. He then proceeds to mix it all without measuring. He puts it in the oven, and an hour later something resembling a cake is ready. Would you dare taste this cake? A blog post is like that cake. In order to make it sticky and readable, you need to use the right set of blog post ingredients.

Food is either eatable or not-eatable. Web content is very similar. If it’s good, it’ll be consumed by hundred and thousands of people. If it’s not, no one will bother with it.

A blog should be a cornerstone of every small business owner’s marketing strategy. Therefore, you have craft each blog post with utmost care. There is a list of blog post ingredients you need and you need to know how to use them effectively. Here they are:

  • A magnetic headline
  • A fantastic opening that draws the reader in.
  • Persuasive words
  • Great sentences
  • Killer bullet points
  • Exquisite subheadings
  • An enticing story
  • Cliffhangers to hold attention
  • An arresting image
  • Stylish closing
  • Authenticity

More often that not,  you might not get an opportunity to incorporate every single one of these elements in your blog post. Regardless, you just fully attempt to use as many of these as possible.