4 Reasons to Respond to Book Reviews

In this post, we are listing 4 reasons to respond to book reviews.

#1 – You’re Grateful

No one’s obligated to leave book reviews. Leaving book reviews takes time. A reader has to spend time reading the book, and then take the time to leave a review.

So, it’s only nice that you respond to them. If nothing else, just say Thank You.

This simple act does so much. You not only express your gratitude, but also acknowledges the reader.

#2 – Subconscious Encouragement

There are two kinds of reviews – Reviews you beg for, and then reviews people leave because they simply loved your work and want you to know that.

When you respond to a review, you capture some “real estate” in that reader’s heart & mind. Consequently, it encourages the reader to leave more reviews in future knowing you care.

The greatest marketing strategy in the world is “Care”. When you respond to a review, you put that strategy in action.

#3 – Strategic Marketing Decision

Leaving reviews is a great way to separate yourself from your peers, and build your own reader’s community.

At Websum, we say …

To be in the classes, look at the masses and then do the exact opposite.

As you already know, most authors never respond to their reviewers. When you do this, you will make them your fans forever.

#4 – Turns Negativity into Positivity

Every now and then authors will get scathing reviews on their work.

Conventional wisdom says, ignore it.

At Websum, we encourage you to respond to those scathing reviews. Acknowledge them, and see if you can make things right for that particular reader.

There’s a rule in business – Not every customer will be a happy customer. But, when you take an unhappy customer, and delight them, they will often turn into your biggest advocates.

We hope starting today, you begin responding to all reviews you receive.

Responding to Reviews Creates Magic

The Magic that happens is … next time you release a book, you will sell a lot more copies of it.

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