Websum is headquartered in Boston, MA, and we’re fanatical about building brands.

Building a strong brand will skyrocket your sales. We’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Authors say this about us …

Marian Lanouette

Author of Jake Carrington Mystery Series

(Published by Kensington Books, Corp.)

I’ve been thrilled working with Mayur Gudka and Websum, who has kept my website and social media connections updated, along with the PR work he’s done for all my books.

Without him I’d be overwhelmed with all that is required to keep my books front and center to garner attention. I would, and have recommended him to other authors. Mayur is efficient, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I’m so glad another author had recommended him to me.

Leo J. Maloney

Author of Dan Morgan Thriller Series

(Published by Kensington Books, Corp.)

Mayur has worked for me as both my webmaster for my website as well as providing content for my Facebook, and Twitter Accounts.

He is very responsive, detail oriented and has been a big part of helping my business grow. I would highly recommend his services.

Sally Chetwynd

Author of Beads of Sand and The Sturgeon’s Dance

Mayur Gudka of Websum designed my website, Brass Castle Arts, with which I am most pleased. Of course, he needed me to provide materials and content, and to this end he wisely gave me bite-sized tasks to perform, so as not to overwhelm me, an avowed electronics dolt. He walked me through the process, advised me on the best software and programs to suit my needs and budget, and showed me how to work with my website on my own, once launched. I am happy to retain his services for future administrative tweaks and nudges to the website. Mayur is personable and friendly, patient, accommodating, and always encouraging, with an upbeat attitude. I have enjoyed every meeting with him and consider him a friend. I recommend Mayur Gudka to anyone needing website work, as well as Websum’s other professional services.

Let’s Build Your Brand

It’s easy to tell somebody to go build a brand. But, it not easy to build one.

It takes planning, work and creativity. When unexpected opportunities present themselves, you ought to be able to take advantage of them. You need to strategically maneuver around obstacles and challenges. It’s too large a job for any one person.

We can help and guide you. You need to be the face of your brand. But, you don’t need to have all the technical and non-technical expertise required to build a brand. You let your team do it for you. Every president, every senator, and every “big” author has a team around them to help them reach their goals, bring their vision to reality. We’d love to be your team doing “behind the scenes” work for you.

Let’s start a conversation. No commitments, no promises. Just a conversation. If things click, we can forge ahead and develop a working relationship. If not, no hard feelings.

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