Author’s Marketing Platform Audit

The only way to chart a viable path to your destination is by knowing where you currently stand.

Mayur Gudka, CEO @ Websum

Websum’s Author Marketing Platform Audit shows you exactly where you currently stand, and provides recommendations so you can reach your destination.

What does the marketing audit encompass?

The marketing audit report is built of seven distinct parts:

  1. Your goals
  2. Your key performance indicators
  3. Analysis of activities and content you control
  4. Analysis of activities and content you do not control
  5. Findings & Results
  6. Detailed analysis of our findings
  7. Exclusive recommendations

Marketing Audit Process

It starts with a hour-long phone call with you, the author. In the phone call, we learn about you, your goals and indicators that tell us we’re on the right path.

Next, we crawl around the web and collect all the relevant marketing data.

Following that, we analyze the data and add recommendations of things you should and should not do to achieve optimum results and achieve your goals.

How much does the marketing audit cost?

It costs $500.

Why do you charge for marketing audit when others do it for free?

That’s a very good question. It’s a question we often encounter when speaking to authors, so we decided to address it here.

We charge a fee because our reports are much more comprehensive than the Free Audits out there. Free Audits never really take the time to personally speak to you. They let a software scour the web, and provide you a template-report.

We also believe that our recommendations are far more valuable and customized to your specific needs and goals.

But, there’s a caveat. It can also be FREE.

Post audit, if you would like Websum to implement the recommendations, we will take the $500 for the report and add it as a “discount” to the cost of implementing recommendations.

In other words, if we implement the recommendations, the author platform marketing audit report becomes free.