Use Deleted Chapters to Build Your Email List

Deleted chapters are secret assets you have in your arsenal of book marketing tools. Let’s us help you use them.

Ever buy a DVD? We buy the DVD for the movie. But we also buy it for the deleted scenes, making of the movie and the bloopers – the extras the come with the DVD.

Your deleted chapters – the ones that did not make it in the final edits of your book – are those extras. Love them. Cherish them. And, use them to build your reader community.

Here’s how!

Deleted Chapters Build your Email List

Just because you have a newsletter, people won’t sign up for it. That used to happen 20 years ago, when you got excited every time your computer chimed “You Got Mail”.

Today, people want something of value in exchange for their email address.

Your deleted chapters are it. They make excellent pieces of value (might I add … without any extra effort on your part).

Deleted Chapters Value Bomb Process

Here’s a step by step process:

Build a PDF of all your deleted chapters.

Lock the PDF with your email marketing service provider and build a form that warrants email address to access it.

Create a graphic to let readers know they can now get the deleted chapters of your book and promote it on your website, social media, etc.

When the reader clicks the link, and enters their email address, the PDF will be sent to their email address and their email address will be saved in your email marketing database.

Bonus Tip!

In addition to using deleted chapters to collect email addresses, you can also lock it up and provide access when people follow you on social media, or share your social media posts.

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