Marketing Ideas for Pizza Shop Business

If I owned a pizza shop, here’s how I would do my marketing.

Yellow Pages + Free Pizza Strategy

I would take the Yellow Pages, and randomly call 10 houses in the town I serve between 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM at least once a week, or more if you can afford the time and resources.

On the phone, I would say, “Hi, this is [YOUR NAME] from [PIZZA BUSINESS NAME]. We’re offering to deliver you a free pizza tonight. Would you like a large Cheese, Veggie or Pepperoni pizza? There’s no cost to you. It’s on us.”

The natural reaction on the other end would be skepticism. So, continue saying, “I’d understand if you’re skeptical. No business does this. But, we do. We just want you have a free pizza for dinner tonight. Would you like large Cheese, Veggie or Pepperoni?”

The big idea here is surprise and delight.

What do you think will happen the next time they want to eat Pizza? Who will they call?

Repeat this strategy week after week for an entire year. You will have given away 520 pizzas in a given year. How much would it cost you? $5 a pizza at most? What’s that? $2,600 a year?

Sure, but you will also have 520 repeat customers. If they hadn’t heard of you, or ordered from somewhere else, now you’re on their radar. And they will think of you the next time they want pizza.

Free 2-litre bottle of Soda

Arm your delivery drivers with a trunk full of 2-litre soda bottles every night.

Let them pick and choose which customers they want to give the free soda to. This is another example of Surprise and Delight.

To take it one step further and add a little theater to it, here’s what I’d do as a delivery driver.

Deliver the order, take the money. They would have closed the door as I would be walking to my car. So, I get a bottle of Soda, and walk back to their door, ring the bell. When they open, I’d smile & say, “I wanted to give you a bottle of free soda for being our a valued customer. Enjoy!” Hand them the bottle, and be on my way.

This will create a permanent place for your business in their mind. That’s what true marketing is all about.

True marketing is essentially taking real estate in your customer’s minds.

Call them by their Name

Most pizza shops ask people for the customer’s name and address for every single delivery order.

If you can figure out a way to capture that information and bring it up on the screen simply based on the phone number they’re calling from, use it.

After the order is taken, say, “So, this delivery goes to [ADDRESS]. Is that correct? And, you are [CUSTOMER’S FULL NAME]. Fantastic! How would you like to pay for it?”

Matter of fact, if your system allows you to store their credit-card information, you can replace “How would you like pay for it” with “Would you like to pay for it with [CARD] ending with [LAST 4-DIGITS]?

Again, the surprise and delight factor kicks in.

Anytime you can surprise and delight your customers, you’re doing good marketing. Remember that!

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