Small Business Marketing

At Websum, we help small businesses solve marketing problems.

Business owners usually come to us with one of the following six (6) problems:

  1. We’re just starting out and don’t have any online presence. Can you help us build a website and get started on social media?
  2. We have a nice mobile friendly website, but no one seems to visit our site. The traffic is almost non-existent. Can you help increase our website traffic?
  3. We need to develop our social media presence, and build campaigns that bring results. Can you help?
  4. We need to do better with our email marketing campaigns. We also need help growing our email list. Can you help?
  5. We need something to track which of our marketing activities are working and which are not. Can you install analytics on our site, that can give us more data and insights into our campaigns and customer habits?
  6. Lot of people come to our site, but not many take the actions we need them to take. Can you help us improve our conversion rates?

If your company is experiencing any of these issues, we can help.

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