Marketing Game Answers

Here are my answers. Let’s compare them to yours.

Potato Chips – Lays

Razor Blades – Gillette

French Fries – McDonalds

Social Network – Facebook

Running Shoes – Nike

Here’s why our answers are similar

These brands own real estate in our minds.

Which is why you and I both guessed the same answers.

So … How did they manage to do this?

Three things …

  • Audience – They clearly defined their ideal customer.
  • Message – They crafted a memorable message.
  • Repetition – The repeated the message to their customers over multiple channels for long periods of time.

That’s really it. It’s so simple, yet so complex.

Here’s the real question though!

How can YOU OWN real estate in YOUR CUSTOMER’S MINDS?

So, the next time they’re in market looking for what you sell … they come straight to you.

Contact Us, and we’ll help you figure out the answers!

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