The Opportunity Cost of Fragmented Branding!

Fragmented branding is when the colors, fonts and text (copy) looks different on every platform available out there.

Imagine this … sometimes Apple used their current logo, other times their rainbow logo from 80’s, then sometimes they used seasonal logos such has half green, half red apple during the holiday season.

What would you as a consumer think?

Would Apple be as big a brand as they are today?

How much money would they have lost in a year, over a decade with fragmented branding?

As authors, branding is often an afterthought. But it should not be so. Books are your business. If you want to write full time, you need to be able to sell plenty of books reliably every year.

Here’s the mantra we use at Websum

Commitment to consistency develops emotional stability.

The answer is cohesive, consistent branding across the board.

Ensure all your branding looks alike including your book covers AND if possible, stick to the similar genre & series.

There’s a reason movies such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter are such massive hits. Consistency across the board.

The power of consistent branding is phenomenal. If done right and creatively, it could skyrocket your book sales.

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