The Purpose of a Marketing Activity

Marketing is simple. It’s not necessarily easy, but it is simple. It is our belief at Websum that every marketing activity has one of two purposes.

  1. Discovery – You’re getting your customer to discover you and your services.
  2. Gravitational Force – You’re getting customer to know you, like you, and trust you.

Before you perform any marketing activity, ask yourself “Why?” “What is the purpose of this activity? Are you trying to get yourself discovered? or are you trying to create a strong gravitational force to pull customer towards you?

This very article you’re reading is a marketing activity for Websum. This falls under creating and strengthening the gravitational pull.

If an activity you’re considering does not fall under any of these categories, stop. It’s not worth it. And, it’s a waste of time and resources.


While most of marketing time is spent on Gravitational Force activities, spending time on Discovery activities is of paramount. If your potential customer is unaware of you, then they will never be in your gravitational field for you to exert your “force” on them.

Discovery activities bring people into your gravitational field.

Often times your clients and customers will discover you through the activities you’re doing under the “Gravitational Force” umbrella. But there are several distinct “Discovery” activities you should be doing to make sure customers find you when they are looking for your products and services.

Here are some of the marketing activities that fall under the discovery phase.

  • Making sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Getting it listed on directories such as Google Business, Yelp, etc.
  • Optimizing your website for search engines and its pages.
  • Speaking at conferences, conventions, etc.
  • Paid advertising
  • Setting up social media pages
  • Cold calling / emailing
  • In-person networking

Gravitational Force

Once people discover your business, they’re simply aware of you. It does not mean, they’re ready to do business with you. This is where the Gravitational Force activities come into play.

These activities get your prospect to learn more about you, your services, your past performance, your solutions, other clients using your services, your knowledge, your expertise, and your authority.

Here are some of the marketing activities that fall under the Gravitational Force phase:

  • Writing blog posts and articles
  • Doing a webinar
  • Creating videos
  • Building a Podcast
  • Making presentations
  • Emailing your customer and prospects on a regular basis
  • Posting on social media
  • Conducting a live Q&A session

In conclusion

Every marketing activity has a purpose. Ask yourself what is the purpose of it. Just because someone says, you need to blog, or you need to post on social media, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right activity for your business at that particular time.

Find out what need you’re trying to fill. If you’re just starting out and people are unaware of your existence, spend most of your time on Discovery phase activities. If you have a large pool of prospects, spend time on building and strengthening your gravitational force, so they stay in your gravitational field and don’t migrate to your competitor’s gravitational field.

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