This is what Book Marketing truly boils down to

Let’s demystify book marketing.

Book marketing boils down to three things. How you do these things differ from author to author based on their strengths, weaknesses & desire to succeed.

Connecting with your readers

Connection is a broad term. It involves interacting with readers in person to advertising online, and everything in between.

Bottom line is … If you don’t or cannot connect with your readers, online or offline, if your books are not discoverable, you won’t be able to sell them, no matter how good your writing is.

Giving them a taste of what to expect from your work

Readers care about one thing only … what will I get out of this book, and will it be worth my time and money?

If they believe the answer is “not worth it”, they won’t even try it. A buy-in is necessary before they actually buy it.

This is where you come in. Once you connect with your reader, tell them your unique selling proposition, better yet show them.

Delighting them with your writing

This is final, and possibly the most crucial part of book marketing. Funny thing is, authors often don’t consider writing as marketing.

A well written book sells itself for a very long time after an initial push. Because, a well written book is a recommendable book. The sales are then driven by word-of-mouth marketing.

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