Want to play a Marketing Game?

I call it “Owning the Customer’s Brain!”

So, here’s how the game works!

I’ll name a few products … you think of the first company that comes to your mind.

  • Potato Chips
  • Razor Blades
  • Shoes
  • French Fries

Why do you think you first thought of these companies and not others?

Is there no other company besides Lays that makes potato chips? I bet Gillette is not the only company that makes razor blades. Did Nike and McDonald’s come to mind as well?

These companies came to our mind first. Is it because they own a piece of our brain? Yes! But, how did they manage to do so? More importantly, how can YOU own a piece of your customer’s minds? So next time they’re in market for a product or service, you’re the first company they think of.

Three Things:

  1. They identified their core audience and places to target them … online and offline.
  2. Clear messaging that evoked emotions and connected with their audience.
  3. Repetition, because it leads to remembrance. Customers saw the same message over and over again, until it was etched in their brains.

Do you use these ideas? How do you use them? If not, can you think of ways how you can them?