When Should you Start Book Marketing?

Short answer? You should start book marketing when you first think about writing the book, well before the first word is written.

But, we both know that’s not what usually happens. Book marketing is often brushed off as the last item on a long list of to-do’s.

Many authors start their marketing process right before the book is due to be released. That’s not how you sell books … at least not a boat load of them to get you on any bestseller’s list.

Key to Selling Books

The key to selling books is AUTHORITY. Authority breeds recognition, which brings sales.

And, authority cannot be built overnight.

Authority is built through small doses of action performed consistently over a long period of time.

And that’s really all marketing is … building authority.

Every time you write an article, create a Facebook post, give a speech, make a video, you’re getting people to trust you a little more, or trust you a little less.

It depends on the message you’re conveying and the tone you use.

At Websum we say …

Intentional actions bring intended results.

How do you build authority?

By displaying your expertise. Don’t tell them how great you are. Show them.

Here are the steps you need to work on

Show them by creating content. Write blogs, create videos, give presentations, and build webinars.

Use social media to broadcast that content.

Build a community of people who gravitate towards your work.

Serve that community so well, they happily become readers and ambassadors of you and your books.

All of this together is marketing.

As I said before, all of this cannot be done overnight. It takes time, patience and plenty of hard work.

So, when should you start book marketing?

My answer is … yesterday!

Hope you got some value from this post. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

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