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3 Statements Customers Say that Business Owners LOVE!

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Every business owner dreams of this. They want every current and potential customer to say these three statements.

“I Want That”

A customer says “I want that”, when they deeply desire what you’re selling.

You have to give them a compelling reason to say this.

Apple gives them a reason. When they bring a new product to market, millions across the United States stand in long lines, for a long period of time, just to buy what Apple is selling. They want that. They don’t care how good it is. They want that.

When Stephen King publishes a new novel, every horror fan wants it. They don’t wait for reviews to be published, so they can decide whether they should buy it or not. No. Because Stephen King wrote it, they want it.

That is brand power.

This power is not exclusive to large businesses. In fact, there are millions of small businesses across the country who have tapped into this power successfully. Yours may even be one of them.

I’ve studied many such businesses and here are two simple things I learned.

  1. When your customers love you, they will buy everything you sell.
  2. When they don’t love you, you’ll have to sell every product and service to them.

The above two statements are distinctly different. Read them again if you have to.

“I Love what I got”

This second statement speaks to the quality of your product or service.

When your product or service, meets, beats and exceeds their expectation in every way possible, the customer will involuntarily say, “I love what I got.”

“You should get this because you will love it.”

Customers will never say this, if they don’t say the first two statements.

For, this is when they discuss you and their love for your business to their friends, family, and every ear that willingly opens itself to them.

Get the first two statements out of their mouths, and the third statement automatically happens.

Get the first two wrong, and you’ll never see your customers say the third.

In conclusion

Your job as a business owner is to do everything in your power to make the first two statements happen.

  • I want that.
  • I love what I got.

The third is an automatic response to the first two. It’s also one statement that can reduce your marketing budget significantly overtime.

Something to think about …

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