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Websum builds, protects and manages Marketing and IT Infrastructures.

Businesses, especially small ones have often limited resources in forms of time, money and knowledge.

Due to these constraints, many of the important activities get deferred. These deferred activities often either pose a risk to the business, or keep it from achieving its growth potential.

That’s where Websum comes in. By the way, my name is Mayur Gudka. I’m the Founder & CEO of Websum.

Websum is increasingly becoming the resources wing for businesses who need help, whether that’s in terms of performing tasks, setting up infrastructure, building and enhancing policies and procedures, or achieving compliance. We are excited about this, and not only see this as a viable path to grow our business, but importantly grow our clients’ businesses.

When asked about us, our customers often say things like, “On time, within budget, every time.” Or, they say, “small business responsiveness with big business resources.”

But, its almost never about us. It’s always about you and your business. You are the master of your ship. You want your ship steered in the directions of your dreams, goals and objectives. We simply work in the background helping you get to your destination.

We’re constantly exploring new ways and ideas to help businesses grow and be efficient. Currently, we’re excitedly researching the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are looking for solutions which can help businesses improve productivity, reduce stress and grow at their desired pace.