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Are there people out in the world looking for the things you sell?

Sure, there are.

When they’re ready to buy … is your business the first choice for your customers?

If not, how do you suppose you can make it happen?

  • Maybe change some processes?
  • Observe customer interactions at each stage, and improve them?
  • Figure out a way to monitor customer happiness?
  • Learn what other businesses have done successfully and apply it to your business?

The abundance of strategies, tactics and advice you’ll find with a simple Google search will astound you.

Knowledge is not the problem. Knowledge is available in plenty.

The real problem is knowing which piece of knowledge to apply when and how.

Do you know what makes a craftsman, a craftsman?

Anybody can have a vision, and nearly everyone does.

A craftsman though, knows what tools to use, when to use them, and how to use them to bring each part of the vision to reality.

That granularity of knowledge is a difference maker.

The right tool not only speeds up your results, but saves you time, frustration, and agony along with a multitude of resources.

That’s who we are. That’s what we do.

At Websum, we’ll show you which tools are right for your business, and when and how to use them so you can capture real estate in your customers’ minds.

Isn’t that the name of the game? Owning your customers’ minds.

Get that done, and you’ll put your business on a growth trajectory like never before.

There you have it. That’s our About page.

By the way, my name is Mayur Gudka. I’m the Founder & CEO of Websum.

Pleasure meeting you virtually. I’d love to chat with you, and connect personally if possible.

You can call me at (978) 764-2279 or email me at Either way works.

And on the blog, read my thoughts about delighting and owning your customer’s minds.