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Author Services

At Websum, we offer the following services to our authors.

Website Design, Maintenance, Analytics, Backup and Security

In 2021, we don’t need to convince you that you need a website. You know you need one. Most likely you may even have one already.

At Websum, we believe every website has a job, a function (or a series of functions) to perform. Here are some functions of an Author Website.

  • Get found in Google search
  • Build your credibility as a brilliant 21st Century author
  • Get readers to fall in love with you and your books
  • Enable readers to purchase your books
  • Bring the readers into the author’s inner world, usually by getting them to subscribe to your email newsletter
  • Expose readers to your various social media channels

Three Main Questions you need to ask yourself regarding your author website:

  1. Do I clearly know what my website’s function is?
  2. Is my website doing it’s job to my satisfaction?
  3. How do I know that? What are the metrics? How am I tracking them?

Here are three additional questions you need to ask about your author website:

  • Is my website secure?
  • Is it backed-up regularly, in case I get hit by a cyber attack?
  • If a cyber attack happens, how quickly can I get back up and running?

If you are satisfied with your answers to these six questions, don’t call us. Your website is perfect. Continue doing what you’re doing.

If you are unsatisfied with your answers, contact us.

Social Media Maintenance

Social media maintenance is about building and strengthening relationships with your current followers.

We do this through posting regularly on your social media channels, and work to increase engagement (getting readers to like, comment or share your posts).

Below are the social networks we maintain for our authors:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

When should you contact us?

  • Knowledge – If you don’t know how to maintain your social media networks
  • Time – If you don’t have the time to maintain your social media networks
  • Desire – If you know they need to be maintained, but don’t have the desire to do it yourself.

Contact us if you would like help maintaining your social networks.

Social Media Growth

As you well know, social media is an amazing avenue to find readers and sell books.

If you would like to know how to propel growth on your social networks, we can offer you many strategies – Paid and Unpaid.

And if you like, we can implement those strategies for you. So, you not only see growth but have plenty of free time to do what your heart desires.

Contact us to discuss which social media strategies align best with the vision you have for your author brand.

Email Newsletter Setup, Integration and Creation

Email Newsletters are an integral part of your Author Brand. They have amazing powers to build loyalty, boost book sales and pre-sales and generate user reviews.

In our opinion, any author who does not take advantage of this amazing channel is leaving a lot of money on the table.

Our Recommendations for Email Newsletter Service

For authors who are just getting started, we heavily recommend MailChimp. Why? Because it’s a free service for first 500 subscribers, and they have some very good templates and analytics.

Once you go beyond that point, there are many other services we recommend depending on your needs. Some of them are Constant Contact, Aweber, Active Campaign, etc.

Email Newsletters should be seamlessly integrated in:

  • Your website
  • Your blog
  • Your social media channels
  • Any other free stories, or documents you post online.
  • Maybe even add a call for action at the end of each book (if appropriate, and your publisher allows it).

And, if you’re short of time, or don’t know how, we can regularly create and send email newsletter on your behalf.

Many of our authors love this because it saves them so much time.

So if you are looking to boost book sales & get user reviews and propel your author brand to the next level, you need to take advantage of email newsletters. It’s a true gold mine, and we will help you mine it.

Book Cover Designs

Question – Which of the following covers would you pick?

We did a survey. 98% of the respondents chose #2. Chances are, you did too.

Book cover is a major part of a book’s appeal. The quality bar has to be high quality. There can be no compromises. Because, as much as we hate to admit, people do judge the book by its cover.

Let us create beautiful and dazzling cover for you. Covers that compel readers to get curious about what’s inside the book.

Book Cover Mock-Ups for Social Media Use

When someone is scrolling through their Facebook feed, you want them to stop at your book cover, admire it, like it, share it. Book cover mock-ups get that done.

Authors who wish to showcase their book cover with dazzling graphics use Book Cover Mock-Ups. These images bring increased engagement and in many cases increased book sales.

Here are some samples:

If you want mock-ups of your book cover, contact us. We can create them for each holiday, each season, and many generalized which you can use anytime.