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“Owning your Customers’ Minds!” Want to Play the Game?

The game is simple.

Here’s how it works.

I’ll name four products.

You make a note of the first company that comes to mind for each product.

Ready? Here we go.

French fries.

Running shoes.

Razor blades.

Potato chips.

I’ve already guessed the companies you thought about. They are listed at the bottom this page.

Before we get there, I have three questions for you.

Question 1 – Why is it that you thought of these specific companies and not others?

Question 2 – How did these companies occupy real estate in your mind?

Question 3 – How can you occupy real estate in your customers’ minds so when they’re ready to buy whatever it is you sell, the only company they think of is YOUR COMPANY.

How do you become their first choice?

That is the real question.

And the answer is simple. In fact, it’s a simple 6-letter word – Delight.

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Delighting your customers constantly is not an easy task.

It needs to be done at every turn, every nook, every interaction.

It requires a thoughtful approach, hard work, and a culture transformation to make it happen.

Once you get there, once you become your customer’s first choice, floodgates open up.

Becoming your customer’s first choice is not easy.

But it is simple. It is effective. And, it is enjoyable.

At Websum, all we do is help you become that first choice for your customers.

By the way, the companies you thought of earlier were McDonald’s, Nike, Gillette & Lays.