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Magical Moments in an Entrepreneur’s Life

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When a person walks through the door, hope is created in an entrepreneur’s mind. That is a magical moment.

A sale is a magical moment.

When the customer raves about how much they love the product, service or the business is a magical moment.

When the entrepreneur takes his family to the local ice cream shop, and buys them ice cream from the money he generated from his business is a magical moment.

The belief an entrepreneur has in his products and services to make this world better is a magical moment.

Having the courage to start a business despite knowing 95% of businesses fail within two years of their inception, is a magical moment.

Identifying a better, faster, cheaper, smarter way to serve her customers is a magical moment.

The first time she turns the key to open the door in the morning is a magical moment.

Entrepreneur’s lives are filled with magical moments. These magical moments are centered around one single entity, YOU, the customer.

Small business Saturday is around the corner. Support a small business. You possess the power to create a magical moment for an entrepreneur. Use it. Create that magical moment, for him, for her. And, you’ll be repaid in gratitude and remembrance forever.

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