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SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization has one single goal – To generate traffic to your website.

Shared below are:

  • Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors
  • Three Core Areas of SEO
  • SEO Currency.

We believe, knowing and understanding them well gives you a good starting point to enhance SEO for your business.

And if you need extra help, our experts at Websum can aid you in taking your SEO to the next level.

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SEO Ranking Factors

Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their Search algorithm to determine how to rank websites. Here are 10 factors that we believe contribute most to how Google ranks websites.

  1. High quality content
  2. Back links
  3. Search intent
  4. User experience
  5. Mobile friendliness
  6. Website loading speed
  7. Domain authority
  8. Keyword optimization
  9. Website structure
  10. Website security

More you understand how Google decides whether to show your website in its search results, more you can improve your own SEO process, and consequently increase your chances of getting higher visibility in Google’s search results.

Know that having a website does not automatically entitle you an entry into Google’s search results. Your website needs to pass Google’s eligibility test.

Three Core Areas of SEO

To be highly effective at SEO, there are three core areas to master.

  • Technical Requirements – What Google needs from a web page to show in its search results.
  • Spam Policies – The behaviors and tactics that can lead to lower ranking or being completely omitted from Google search results.
  • Key Best Practices – The main things that can help improve how your site appears in Google search results.

SEO Currency

SEO Currency is made up of 5 parts. More you own these, larger your so called “SEO Wealth”.

  1. Current Technical Knowledge
  2. Well-researched Keywords
  3. Relevant, high quality Content
  4. Internal and external Links
  5. Social Authority (likes, comments, shares)

How you create, leverage, and spend your SEO Currency will dictate whether you win or lose the SEO game.

Mayur Gudka

Got questions? We can help. Our experts at Websum can aid you in taking your SEO to the next level.

Reach out to us.