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Social Media

At Websum, we offer social media management services:

What do our social media services include?

Social Media Account / Page Creation

Creating a new social media account or page can sometimes be challenging. At Websum, we have processes in place that can help you overcome these challenges.

Our social media account / page creations begin at $100.

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Social media Branding

Page branding helps remove any doubts whether a certain social media account or page belongs to you or not.

Often times, we are careful about keeping the same graphics and color schemes between our websites, logo, business cards and other stationary. Social media accounts get left behind.

With our social media page branding process, we ensure the graphics and color scheme on your social media pages match the rest of your branding.

Our social media branding services begin at $100 per account/page.

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Posting Daily Social Media updates

Don’t have time or desire to post daily social media updates? We can do it for you.

Keeping your account active with regular posting keeps your brand front and center with those following you.

Why is this important? So, when they need your offering, you’re at top of their mind, and they come directly to you.

Our social media update services begin at $100 / month / page or account.

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Management of comments and messages

Keeping up with comments and message on social media can be time consuming.

At Websum, we can take care of that for you, so your time is free to use it anyhow you desire.

Our comments and messages management services begin at $100 / month / page or account.

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Paid Social Media Ads Creation And Management

One of the best way to get the most mileage out of social media is to do paid ads.

Paid ads can help you acquire more followers, bring more eyeballs to your offerings, and convert window-shoppers to actual customers.

At Websum, we tap into the best social media strategies working today, so you get the most out of marketing dollars.

Our social media paid ads creation services begin at $800.

Our social media paid ads management services begin at $250 / month / ad.

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