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The Secret is Delight

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Warren Buffett was asked in an interview, what advice would he give a small business owner? His answer was simple – Delight your customers!

When you delight your customers, the customer remembers you for a very long time. The feeling they leaves your business with is happiness.

I had an uncle who was like that. Every time you left his company, you felt happier. You may have met him only for mere 5 minutes, but you remembered that interaction decades later. He knew how to delight.

Delighting your customers earns you prime real estate in that customer’s mind.

So, the next time he or she needs a product or service you provide, yours is the first business they will come to. They’ll even become your referral engine and send their friends and family your way.

Delight your customers. Do something unexpected. Show care.

Walt Disney said, “Just do your best work – then try to trump it.”

These are simple things every business can do.

Here are some examples:

  • Pizza Shop – When your customers place an order without drinks, send a bottle of soda for free.
  • Auto Body Shop – Fix something without charging the customer for it.
  • Coffee Shop – Give a donut for free.
  • Realtors – Send holiday & birthday cards to your customers
  • Lifestyle Coaches – Continue checking in with your clients long after they’ve finished your course/challenge.

The secret is simple – Delight your Customers!

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