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Website Security, Updates and Maintenance

At Websum, I look after your websites (and your social media & email newsletters). My name is Mayur Gudka. I’ve been building and maintaining websites since 1997, but more on that later.

Most websites are built, and then forgotten about, until one day someone thinks, “Gee, I think we should re-design the website!”

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Security, Updates, Maintenance and Backups are rarely thought about. And out of the rare few who do give it some thought, most never end up implementing them, at least not on a regular basis.

This was okay to do 10, 15 years ago. But not today. Here’s why …

Most of today’s websites are mobile-friendly.

Side note: If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you have a whole bunch of other problems. Two of the biggest being … Google will not show your website in its search results, and when people pull up your website on their phones, it will be quite unusable.

Continuing on … Today’s websites are not built with simple HTML. They’re complex, and they are built on some sort of a platform such as WordPress.

These platforms are nothing but a piece of software.

Software needs to be updated on a regular basis. Can you imagine buying a Windows PC, and never running updates on it? Within 3-6 months, your PC will be slower than molasses.

Who wants that, right?

When the software is not updated, it causes security risk, a backdoor for hackers to get into your website and manipulate it as they wish.

But, I think you already knew that.

And, it’s not just WordPress that needs updating. A website built on WordPress normally uses “Plugins” for added functionality. A simple example is a Contact Form on your website.

In order to display your Contact Form, your website most likely uses a Plugin on your WordPress site.

Each such functionality requires a different plugin.

And, every plugin is its own piece of software (different from WordPress), which needs to be updated on a regular basis.

That’s just one part of ensuring your website is safe and working.

Here are other things you need to think about to make sure your website is running safely and optimally.

  • Appropriate security measures
  • Software updates
  • Regular backups
  • Periodic maintenance

This can be a lot, especially if you’re a small business, or a 1-person company.

If you’re concerned about security holes in your website, but are unsure how to fix ’em … you’re not alone. Survey says 87% of small businesses know their website needs added security, but are not sure how to get it.

Most of these holes reside in the background within the code of the website. This makes it difficult to spot them, especially if you’re not used to looking at such issues regularly.

Based in Middleton, MA, I’ve been building and taking care of websites for almost 2 and a 1/2 decades. Additionally, I’ve helped numerous authors across the country maintain their online presence so they can sell their books without any worries. Here’s what authors have to say about me. One of ’em has even sold over 500,000 books.

I charge only $100 per month to keep your website safe, secure and backed up. Any content changes are charged hourly.

You know your website best. If you think I can help you identify holes, and help you patch them, reach out.

I can be reached via phone at (978) 764-2279, by email at, or through this form.

After the call if we determine yours is the kind of site that does not need me, then so be it. But if it needs protection, then let’s keep your website safe, healthy and working … together.

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