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5 SEO Ideas for Better Results!

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SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, should be an integral part of every marketing plan. It should be measured and monitored on an ongoing basis to gauge its effectiveness, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Here are 5 SEO ideas for better results.

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword inclusion
  • Internal linking
  • Optimizing Google’s My Business Page
  • Progress Tracking

Keyword Research

If you don’t know what you’re shooting for, more than likely, you won’t hit your target.

Knowing your primary keyword and secondary keywords are an absolute must for every business owner.

If you’ve seen Shark Tank, you know entrepreneurs get hammered when they don’t know their numbers. With marketing, knowing your keywords is just as important. Why? Because once you know what keywords you are shooting for, then you can create new content, and modify current content with those keywords in mind. This will help search engine crawlers can mark your site as “important and relevant” for those specific keywords.

Get specific with your keywords. This is where keyword research plays an important part. Look for keywords with high search volume but low search results. That’s the gap. It’s what people are search for a lot, but there’s not a lot of material to find.

Keyword research enables you to find this gap, and fill it.

Keyword Inclusion

Add your keywords, at least your primary keywords, to all aspects of the page – text, video, graphics, all of it.

One thing you want to be wary of is over-stuffing keywords. That’s a negative.

Keep keyword density in mind. For every 300 words, let your keyword show up no more than 4-5. When adding Alt text to images, start with your keyword. Same goes for video titles. Ensure the keyword is also included in headings used on the page.

Let your keyword inclusion take place naturally in all elements of the page. Done this way earn you points because the search crawlers will see this as a positive.

Internal Linking

Many businesses are focused on building external links to quality websites. In SEO lingo, this is called back-linking.

Internal linking is just as important for it shows your site has a treasure of content which is inter related, and is relevant to your main keywords.

Optimizing Google’s My Business Page

This is a low hanging fruit, that every business ought to take advantage of.

Optimizing Google’s My Business page should take no longer than 15-30 minutes, and it’s ensuring your basic business information is updated and consistent on there, so Google can recommend it when people are searching.

Remember how Google offers “near me” suggestions? This is where this optimization helps.

Progress Tracking

Tracking your SEO gives you two benefits.

First, it tells you if your SEO efforts are moving the needle for you or not, and the direction it’s moving in. You clearly want it to move in the positive direction.

Second, it identifies opportunities for improvement, so you can tweak your pages and get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Websum does SEO analysis for businesses for just $99.

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