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Branding Begins with Clarity of Values

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Successful branding begins with clarity of values, an emotional and intellectual response you want evoked from your target audience.

For when you evoke that response, your customers reposition that response as values and attach them to your logo, your products and your services.

Effective branding displays your distinction which could be a result of a function, form, ease of use, price or prestige. The customer believes you offer something exceptional. It allows you to own real estate in your customer’s mind.

In essence, your brand is your image as seen from the outside. It’s not simply how your logo looks, but rather the emotional and intellectual response your logo elicits from your target audience.

Now think, what comes to other people’s minds, when they think of your company, products, or services?

Is that the emotional and intellectual response you want evoked? If yes, you’re on your way to building a successful brand. If not, change and reposition yourself to evoke the desired response.

Finally, to build a successful brand, you need to have utmost clarity on the response you want evoked when people see you, your logo, your company name, your product and your services. How do you wish to be perceived?

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