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How can a Jewelry business own their customers’ minds?

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A jewelry business can own their customers’ minds. Yes, it’s quite possible.

How do you do it?

The recipe to own your customers’ minds is surprise and delight.

Let them experience unexpected pleasantness.

Go above and beyond by doing something for your customers that they would not expect you to do.

What can you do?

You can do many things. Here are a few ideas.


Most businesses never wish their customers on their birthdays. What if you did?

What if you wished them on their anniversaries too?

What if you reached out to the husbands a month before their anniversaries asking if they’ve purchased a gift for their wives yet? If not, tell them you have an amazing gift that will delight their wife, which they ought to look at.

Next time you talk to customers, chat with them. Find out these details, and make a note of them.

The idea is to provide high touch in a high-tech world.

Now if you’re like many small businesses, you probably don’t have a record of these names, contact information and pertinent details.

So, it would be beneficial to consider building a CRM – Customer Relationship Management. A CRM can help you personalize your marketing activities.

Educate, Entertain and Inform

Two ways to do this.

Through e-mail newsletters and social media.

Leverage email newsletter and social media to educate, entertain and inform your customers.

The thing to remember here is consistency.

When you’re consistent, and they see your business name often, you will be on top of their minds when they’re ready to buy jewelry.

In conclusion …

There you have it. Some simple, cost-effective ways to own your customers’ minds.

As always, if you have any questions, or need help implementing these ideas, reach out.

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