Author Branding is the holistic approach to book marketing.

You’re no longer marketing a single book. You’re marketing your entire brand. It’s a whole different thought process. Authors focused on marketing individual books are tied in a rut. They start at zero every time a new book comes out. That’s a losing game. It’s not what you want to do. Play to Win.

Ever wonder why a handful of authors succeed extremely well while majority of the authors struggle?

Lee Child, James Patterson, Stephen King, Malcolm Gladwell and Karen Kingsbury aren’t just authors. They aren’t just selling books. They’re building their brands.

When Stephen King releases a book, no one looks at the book cover, book description or book reviews before they decide to make a purchase. They just buy. That is the power of an amazing brand.

You need to create and harness that power for yourself.

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Let’s Build Your Brand

It’s easy to tell somebody to go build a brand. But, it not easy to build one.

It takes planning, work and creativity. When unexpected opportunities present themselves, you ought to be able to take advantage of them. You need to strategically maneuver around obstacles and challenges. It’s too large a job for any one person.

We can help and guide you. You need to be the face of your brand. But, you don’t need to have all the technical and non-technical expertise required to build a brand. You let your team do it for you. Every president, every senator, and every “big” author has a team around them to help them reach their goals, bring their vision to reality. We’d love to be your team doing “behind the scenes” work for you.

Let’s start a conversation. No commitments, no promises. Just a conversation. If things click, we can forge ahead and develop a working relationship. If not, no hard feelings.

Not ready to work with us?

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